Thursday, October 13, 2016

a little kawaii, a little conversation

top, thrifted
cardigan, Gap Outlet
pants, Old Navy

  I scooped up this top on a recent trip to Goodwill. Yay for simple, cute tops that don't have gigantic armholes or necklines!
  Just returned from a very short but satisfying trip to Hawaii. I learned two things from wearing my very first vintage dress:
  • Check all seams carefully. I noticed after picking it up from the dry cleaners that a back seam was unraveling and had to do some emergency stitching the night before the wedding.
  • Reinforce all buttons! I lost a button during the wedding. Thankfully, it was at the end of the line of buttons vs. in the middle of the dress, but a bit of preventive stitching would have helped. 
     I had a great weekend - I got to do some serious eating with some of my favorite people, and am already looking forward to my next trip home in December. I also got to read quite a bit on the plane ride there and back - I'm almost finished with "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin.

    I accessorized the above outfit with my candy corn earrings, and they were a big hit. Most of the kids I encountered while on morning drop-off duty commented on my earrings! Being shy, I enjoy wearing accessories that garner comments - it makes interacting with people just a bit easier.
    I've already browsed etsy for fun earrings for upcoming holidays. Granted, the choices for Thanksgiving are limited - pumpkin pie, perhaps? - but there are so many cute options for Christmas ... gingerbread people, Christmas trees, Christmas lights ...

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