Friday, June 3, 2016

lately ...

     I'm in the process of fitting my life into two suitcases (aagh!), but here's what's been going on with me in phone pictures:
Sunday outing with family

Easy work outfit

Hawaiian food at Helena's, which won a James Beard Award.

Homemade ice cream at a funky little place in Chinatown. This is the Black & Tan: chocolate stout and pale ale ice creams with caramel. Pure deliciousness.


Monday, May 9, 2016

flowers and skulls

Maison Jules dress, Macy's
Day of the Dead earrings, etsy shop BlueButtonBoho

      My school's teacher and staff appreciation luncheon was on Friday, and it had a Cinco De Mayo theme. So it was serendipity that this was Friday's outfit! The crinkle cotton and embroidery made me think of Mexico, so I added my sugar skull earrings.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

April budget: tried and true

blue and white striped dress. Old Navy, $10
 I have this same style in black (see here), and it's proven to be a work wardrobe staple. It hasn't made it onto the blog often, but I do wear it regularly.

kimono top, Ross, $10
   Another kimono top to add to my collection - I thought the bright colors and patterns were so much fun.

Spent: $20
Budget: $50
Remaining: $30
I'm trying to buy less, because I'll be moving soon and still have a lot of paring down to do with my possessions. However, these items are true to my style and will be well used.

Monday, May 2, 2016

what's the buzz

Romeo and Juliet Couture kimono top, Ross
tank, Old Navy
jeans, Macy's
Haitian Beads earrings

    More headless iPhone photos ... I liked the dash of yellow paired with the black and white pattern. It's fun to wear a big pair of earrings sometimes.
   There are 19 school days left! I am trying to keep up with grading so I don't have to deal with the usual avalanche of ungraded tests at the end of the quarter. 
   What else I've been up to (according to my phone camera roll):

    I went out to dinner on a Tuesday night with two of my good aikido friends. It felt like a luxury to go out to eat and hang out for a bit on a "school night." I got a to-go order of the restaurant's red velvet pancakes and enjoyed them for dessert for the next few days.

I've been keeping up with my practice of drawing each night and this is my latest finished work.

Friday, April 8, 2016

floral fun

Ella Moss Posy blazer, Ross
Calvin Klein staight leg jeans
Harlowe and Graham top, Nordstrom Rack

     Sorry for the headless, itty-bitty iPhone photo ... but I'm trying to keep this little blog alive. So I figure iPhone photos are better than no photos. 
    A cool, windy day meant I got to wear my new blazer! You can't tell from the photo, but it has a fun zipper detail on both sides (see below):

     I'm really liking a looser fit in my clothing, and the longer, slightly boxy fit of this blazer feels just right to me. The floral print and zippers make it decidedly unstuffy. I've been wearing it simply, with solid tops and jeans, but think it would be great with the right dress. 
    The colors are a bit more vivid in person than shown in the photo, but here's a better look at the print: 

   More iPhone photography (Waikiki at sunset):

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Grand Canyon West

Bobeau cardigan, Nordstrom Rack
Jones New York dress, Ross

     I have this same style of dress with two different prints and sizes. While  I like both, I've found that I like this one, which is bigger, just a bit more because the looser fit looks nice when belted.
    Spring Break has come to its inevitable end (whaa??! already??!) but I really cannot complain. I haven't done as much work as I planned - there are still stacks of assessments awaiting grading and inputting - but I did take a short trip to Vegas and spent many a happy hour on the couch, watching Food Network or reading. My Vegas trip was much more low-key than I expected, because I was under the weather, but my husband and I did squeeze in a day trip to Grand Canyon West, a few meals out, and a quick trip to the outlet mall. At the mall, I was thrilled to find a pair of my favorite jeans - and my husband was nice enough to buy them for me.
   Yesterday was our first day back to school after break, and it kicks off a mad dash (with no long weekends or holidays, boo) to the end of the school year.
   A few photos from my trip:

Husband at Guano Point. I like the contrast of the mining equipment with the natural beauty.

Graffiti at Guano Point. I pointed out some graffiti in another language (not shown) to my husband, and it turned out to be his native tongue. The funny thing was, he noticed right away that it was misspelled.

View from inside a wickiup (dwelling) at Guano Point.

Obligatory selfie. Borrowed one of my husband's hats for the day to keep the sun off my face.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

spurning proportion

top and pants, Old Navy
necklace, Forever 21

   This is probably not the most proportion-savvy outfit (loose top + loose pants), but I figured the necklace would have a lengthening effect and pull things together.  I haven't worn this necklace much lately, and was actually considering adding it to my donation pile, so it was great to wear it again.

   I borrowed a book on art journaling from the library recently (darn those eye-catching displays librarians make! It's a trap, I tell you). It's gotten me interested in starting an art journal, although my main thought when I look at the beautiful works featured in the book is,"Wow, I don't think my journal would look anything like that."
   However, I like the idea of an art journal as a dedicated place to be creative, record life experiences, and to try out new art techniques. The one thing holding me back is the required purchases. I'll be making a big move in a few months, and I've been trying to whittle down my belongings. I might just stick to my daily zendoodle drawing time and put off the art journaling until I get settled in my new home.