Friday, March 27, 2015


Kensie top, Ross
skinnies and necklace, Forever 21
ear cuff, etsy

           The first day back after Spring Break called for a special outfit. It was essential to wear an outfit that helped me brace myself to jump back into the whirlwind that is teaching elementary school. I considered wearing brights, but wanted to wear this neglected top and pair it with my new necklace. The tassel made me think of a tiny paintbrush, and the shirt's print looks like it has been dabbed on. This outfit might be worn by a hip urban artist - someone who knows the best obscure bookstores and coffeehouses, someone who takes long walks with a camera and stays up late at night, reading or sketching. Ah, the imaginative life of clothes ... in reality, I wore this while telling kids to sit up straight, prodding the class through a main idea and detail lesson, and reviewing multiplicative comparison with hands-on tile work.

         I bought two ear cuffs via etsy (the shop is ForYourEar) and have worn one or the other almost every day since they arrived on Friday. They are so light and comfortable, I forget that I have them on! The prices were reasonable, the items are as described, and the package arrived a day earlier than projected. I'm wearing the Simple Ear Cuff below - sorry for the blurriness, I'm still mastering the art of taking close-up photos of ear adornments. I think my new cuff complements my hard-to-see-but-there cartilage piercing. 

Triple Lines with Double Chain ear cuff is shown below ... I don't think I can pull this off for work at all, but it will be fun for the weekends.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

the shoe that got away

top, Macys
pants, Banana Republic Factory Store

       Nothing like having to get dressed for an interview to make you realize that you own exactly one pair of interview-appropriate pants. And let's not even talk about my lack of appropriate footwear ...  luckily, I live in a casual place where dress shoes are not a requirement, but I think a decent heel would be nice to have for unavoidable formal occasions.
     I tried on the shoes pictured below (in black) at the Clarks Outlet a few months ago, but didn't get them. I wasn't sure whether they'd be all-day comfortable, so I only bought a pair of sandals that I knew I could wear to work. Now I realize that they would have been a good option for dressier occasions.

We're back from Spring Break! While I agree that the week flew by, it was mightily appreciated, considering that many professions don't include such perks. I slept in, read books, did a little cooking, and baked almost-vegan cupcakes for the first time (it was a vegan recipe, but at the end I decided to clear out the cupboard and toss in a handful of milk chocolate chips). I also devoted a few hours on two separate days to cleaning, purging and organizing my classroom. It's a task that I start off dreading, but at the end I have to admit that it's nice to have reined in the growing piles of paper that seem to sprout on every flat space. The trick will be maintaining it ...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


silk scarf cobalt cardigan black tee jeans teacher style

Merona tee, Target
Coldwater Creek silk scarf, gift from Mom
trouser jeans, Macy's

    I went to a librarian conference the other weekend, and the speaker was wearing a simple black dress, a fuchsia scarf, and a cobalt cardigan. Such a pretty combination! I wanted to wear my fuchsia chiffon scarf, but this silk scarf felt more snuggly for a chilly morning.
    So far Spring Break has been blissfully relaxing. I ran some errands, slept in, and did lots of reading on the couch. I'm going to be doing a little spring cleaning in my classroom today, and piles of papers that need grading await, but the last few days have been a much-needed breather.

Friday, March 13, 2015

all ears and animal print

yellow cardigan animal print scarf gray dress teacher style

dress, Old Navy
cardigan, Gap Outlet
D&Y scarf, Ross

     This outfit was inspired by Kate's styling of the same dress at A Journey in Style. I  initially thought about wearing it with my cobalt cardigan, but decided that yellow and an animal-print medley were more fun for the homestretch - Thursday of the week before Spring Break!
     While my students are beyond excited and already dreaming about a week off, to their credit they worked really hard yesterday on their opinion writing. It was a lot of work to guide them to fill out their graphic organizers correctly - I sent many students back to their article many times to reread and locate text evidence. To recognize their hard work, I did dole out a Life Saver candy to each student who finished his or her graphic organizer.
     I usually can't pull off belting over a cardigan; it makes me feel lumpy. But it's not so bad with the scarf. Admittedly, the outfit may have looked better minus leggings, but we've been enjoying a spate of cool, windy weather, and it makes me smile to be able to wear leggings, scarves and sweaters to work!

    I bought these ear pins back in December, but haven't worn them until now. Like the online reviews say, they do need occasional adjusting, but are otherwise comfortable and a nice twist on earrings. I'm still on the hunt for a comfortable ear cuff. I did buy a cute one at Forever 21, but pinches so much that I can only wear it for an hour or two. I've settled for wearing it like a brooch or threaded through the buttonhole on a cardigan.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ivory and berry

red pink silk shell ivory print scarf black trousers
Talbots top, thrifted
trousers, Banana Republic Factory Store
scarf, Ross

       Am I the only one who feels like a genius when I figure out a new-to-me way to tie a scarf? I've dubbed it the lariat because it reminds me of a lariat-style necklace.
     Gray has been my favorite neutral for a while, but I think this ivory color is becoming a new favorite. 

    I went shopping over the weekend, eager to spend some of my March budget ... and couldn't find any clothing that I liked enough to purchase. I had seen several cute tops on Forever 21's web site, but couldn't find them in store. I did, however, find a layered necklace that I'm excited about adding to my collection. I tried on a variety of things at Ross and Macy's, but no luck there, either. I'll take that as a sign that I should enjoy the abundance of pretty things that I already own.

Monday, March 9, 2015

a good reader plans ahead ...

white denim jacket dress blue red white bead necklace teacher style
denim jacket, Old Navy
dress, Macy's
Haitian Beads necklace
earrings, craft fair

       I have a bad habit of buying something, then letting it sit in my closet for a while. Now that I've worn this a few times, I realize that I may prefer a more cropped/shrunken style. However, it's great to have a light-colored jacket and I'm looking forward to getting my money's worth out of it.
     I like this dress, but once I got to work I realized I wasn't quite comfortable with how bare it is on top. I resigned myself to keeping my jacket on all day. Next time I should try it with my chambray short-sleeve buttondown, which would be cooler ...

red white blue dress bead necklace

This is the last week of school before Spring Break! One of the pleasures of having some time off is planning what to read ... I have already laid aside a few good books, ranging from a baking cookbook to novels to a book on creative journal writing.

Friday, March 6, 2015


butterfly print top yellow cardigan jeans teacher style

top, Forever 21
cardigan, Gap Outlet
trouser jeans, Macy's
glass pendant, gift

      I wore this to a weekend dinner recently and liked it so much I decided to repeat it for work.  This yellow cardigan has been the MVP of the first three months of 2015! It's perfect for adding a little pep to a work outfit.
yellow glass pendant butterfly print top

    A while back, I saw this top on Forever 21's web site, and liked it so much that I went to the store to hunt it down. I can't resist a little fast fashion now and then ... although I abhor that their free shipping never includes my state.