Saturday, October 22, 2016

October purchases

Heathered surplice top, Forever 21, $14.90
    A simple top, but I liked how it draped. It will look cute with trousers and some jewelry for work and a pair of jeans on the weekend.

Born Michel bootie, Macy's
  I've always read that ankle boots for petites can be a tricky proposition, as they can be stumpifying. I like the dip in the front of these, but wish they fit more closely through the ankle. Also was surprised to notice that the right side rubs the outside of my ankle bone.

Tommy Hilfiger Ripley bootie, $70
  I'm noticing a disturbing penchant for not-all-day-comfy but cute shoes ...I really like the low cut and slim fit of these. I'm shopping in earnest for a pair of boots, but a problem I've noticed is that depending on the design of the boot, my feet seems to slide up and down a lot with each step.  I'm not sure whether that's normal and OK, or will result in a lot of discomfort while wearing. Perhaps I have to switch to looking for lace-up boots if I want a closer fit.

Friday, October 21, 2016

September purchases

Vintage Monet necklace, $6, eBay
Bold and chunky - not my usual style, but should be lots of fun to wear. 

J. Crew station necklace, $12, eBay
An upgraded version of my cheap Forever 21 necklace with gold chain and clear crystals. The crystals are super sparkly in the sunlight! I've already worn it three times.

relaxed peplum top, Old Navy clearance, $4.50

Lauren Ralph Lauren black silk blouse, $14.99, Goodwill
  Still had the TJMaxx tags attached ... I'm planning to wear this open over a tank or shirt as a light layer.

chambray blouse, $2.99, Goodwill

Belle + Sky sleeveless pleated skater dress, $25.99, JcPenney
A dark floral for winter. The pleated skirt is flattering and the print has bits of yellow, which means I can add my trusty yellow cardigan.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

a little kawaii, a little conversation

top, thrifted
cardigan, Gap Outlet
pants, Old Navy

  I scooped up this top on a recent trip to Goodwill. Yay for simple, cute tops that don't have gigantic armholes or necklines!
  Just returned from a very short but satisfying trip to Hawaii. I learned two things from wearing my very first vintage dress:
  • Check all seams carefully. I noticed after picking it up from the dry cleaners that a back seam was unraveling and had to do some emergency stitching the night before the wedding.
  • Reinforce all buttons! I lost a button during the wedding. Thankfully, it was at the end of the line of buttons vs. in the middle of the dress, but a bit of preventive stitching would have helped. 
     I had a great weekend - I got to do some serious eating with some of my favorite people, and am already looking forward to my next trip home in December. I also got to read quite a bit on the plane ride there and back - I'm almost finished with "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin.

    I accessorized the above outfit with my candy corn earrings, and they were a big hit. Most of the kids I encountered while on morning drop-off duty commented on my earrings! Being shy, I enjoy wearing accessories that garner comments - it makes interacting with people just a bit easier.
    I've already browsed etsy for fun earrings for upcoming holidays. Granted, the choices for Thanksgiving are limited - pumpkin pie, perhaps? - but there are so many cute options for Christmas ... gingerbread people, Christmas trees, Christmas lights ...

Monday, October 3, 2016

fancy that

Ann Taylor silk top, thrifted
Alfani trousers, Macy's
J. Crew necklace, eBay

     I let a 50% off color tag sway me into getting this shirt, although to be honest it is probably a size too big. The side zipper makes tucking a tricky proposition, but it looked OK with a cardigan to hide how the zipper puffs out on the side.
    Important visitors were expected at work that day, so I dressed up a little and even put on some lipstick. Most of the staff had labored mightily the day before to put up bulletin boards with a step-by-step explanation of a lesson and to speed-clean classrooms. All that work, and no important visitors stopped by my room! Oh well, it was good to have the kids clean their desks and it was good for me to straighten up a bit, too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

pumpkin everything

BCBG silk top, thrifted
Harper trousers, Old Navy
cardigan, Gap Outlet
necklace, gift

     Double dose of yellow! It's getting a little cooler here, which means staffing the carpool line after school is a little more pleasant. The arrival of fall also means pumpkin everything has been unleashed at Trader Joe's. I did pick up a jar of pumpkin butter - one of my favorite mix-ins for Greek yogurt - but managed to resist the pumpkin joe-joe cookies, the pumpkin cereal bars, and pumpkin bagels. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

brain gym

relaxed peplum top and pants, Old Navy
J. Crew necklace, eBay
cardigan, Gap Outlet

     I'm not quite sold on the peplum yet - and according to reddit's femalefashionadvice forum they are "out" - but it's nice to have a plain white top. I have owned a number of white tops, from tees to buttondowns, and they always end up languishing in the closet, unloved and unworn. I know they're supposed to be a classic, but I always end up wearing something else because they seem so ... plain. My hope is that the peplum adds enough interest that I will get some use out of this shirt!    
      I read a book on the growth mindset last year, and am trying to take small steps to incorporate the growth mindset into my classroom. Once a week I post a "Brain Gym" math problem, which is supposed to be a challenge and encourage students to persevere and stretch themselves academically. Wednesday was not a Brain Gym day, but one of my students noted that while the problem wasn't as challenging as a Brain Gym problem, he felt as if his brain had "taken a jog around the neighborhood." Ha! So far I am liking this bunch. 

Monday, September 19, 2016


blouse and Harper trousers, Old Navy
cardigan, Gap Outlet

       Bright pink and cobalt aren't colors I would usually wear together, but the print pulls it together, I think.  
       I'm headed back to Hawaii in early October for a short and sweet trip - going to attend a wedding and spend time with family. The wedding dress code is "aloha attire," and I don't own anything in aloha print. Thus, I've been browsing etsy and eBay for something fun and pretty. Here are a few of the pretty things I found ... can you guess which one is my favorite? It's the most expensive item on my eBay watch list, alas!