Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Try-it-out Tuesday: crop top

crop top, Savers
camisole, Forever 21
petite trouser jeans, Macy's
necklace, eBay

      I never thought I'd buy a crop top,  but I couldn't resist the abstract print and blue and gray palette - and isn't thrift-store shopping about taking a risk, anyhow?  I guess you could say this is a cop-out way of styling a crop top, but it meant I could wear my fun shirt to work and not worry about flashing anyone with glimpses of my midriff.

      I can't seem to take this necklace off lately, but that's fine with me. I've always liked it, but been unsure how to style it. (Who knew that the simple answer was to wear it with _everything_?)
      I've been listening to an audiobook of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" on my daily commute, and it has been a nice change from listening to the radio. However, I had to audibly "hrmph" at the part where Father Christmas says something about battles being ugly when women are involved. It's interesting to revisit something you read as a child and have certain attitudes or ideas forcibly jump out at you. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

on repeat

linen-rayon dress, Old Navy
Cejon scarf, Ross
belt, from dress 

       This scarf appeared on my blog just a few posts ago, and I'm sure some bloggers pride themselves on never repeating an item. However, in my world, remixing is something to celebrate!
I'm also celebrating wearing this dress for the first time. I've owned it (and its ivory twin) for a year, and never got around to wearing it, mostly because the sleeve length doesn't work for very warm days. 
     Unfortunately, cool days often mean cloudy days here, which accounts for the oddly lit photo.  The dress has some pintucks on the bodice that are hidden by the scarf, but can be seen better below (lucky for you, I turned on the lights for a detail shot):


Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Tommy Hilfiger dress, Ross
red suede belt, Old Navy
Amrita Singh earrings, HauteLook

        My dress is covered in little fall leaves!
        This dress was definitely an impractical, indulgent purchase ... long sleeves + seasonal leaf print = dress that has a limited amount of wears per year. Let's not even get into how silly it is to own a dress printed with fall leaves when you live in a place where just about everything is green year-round, and there are really only two seasons, wet and dry ...
      Still, all the little details of this dress make me happy, from the shirttail hem to the pockets to the cheerful print.

Monday, November 3, 2014

sparkle on

CK Jeans pailettes tee and Jolt skinny cargo pants, Macy's
belt, from dress

          As much as I enjoy color, sometimes a good neutral outfit is exactly what I'm craving. A chestful of sparkly pailettes never hurts, either. 
        Today is the first day of parent-teacher conferences, which means I need to step up my outfit game a bit for two weeks. I think I've gotten fairly adept at putting together professional yet practical outfits, but I'll set aside a few of the more whimsical things in my wardrobe (shirts patterned with flamingos and lobsters probably don't convey much authority, ya know?). Meeting with parents always makes me a little nervous, so dressing confidently is a must. I'm looking forward to posting these outfits and keeping my blog a little more active.
        I've been eyeing this boxy jersey dress for weeks on Old Navy's web site, and stopped in yesterday to try it on. If I get this, I'll definitely go up a size so I don't have to worry about it being too clingy in the back. The silhouette is very different from what I usually gravitate to, but intriguing. I didn't get to try it with a belt - most online reviews say belting is essential - but I plan to stop in on Tuesday and try it one more time. I also tried on this sleeveless fleece dress, which I thought fit great and was so cute. I was surprised to see it described as fleece on the web site ... I thought it was a kind of knitty tweed instead. It wasn't particularly fuzzy or heavy, which is a good thing in my eyes - I think styled correctly, it could be worn year-round.
     Are you mulling over any potential purchases right now?

Monday, October 27, 2014

the friendly skies and anticipation

Cejon scarf, Ross
Alfani petite shirtdress, Savers

         One of my colleagues mentioned that I looked like a stewardess when I wore this. Hence the post title!
         I picked up this dress on my last trip to Savers. I've been looking for a simply cut, washable, black everyday dress for a while. It's longer than would be deemed conventionally flattering, but I love the length - it feels so ladylike! And, there are pockets. *sigh of happiness*
         I still find prints irresistible, but I am seeing how fun a solid dress can be. I'm looking forward to styling this dress in different ways, whether it's by wearing a bright belt or patterned sash, a necklace, or, if the weather gods smile upon us, with a heavier scarf on a chilly day. 

       Now on to the anticipation part of this post: While my birthday is in December, I bought my present early this year. Jason Mraz will be performing, and since I haven't attended a concert in years, I decided to splurge and buy myself a ticket. (Translation: on a teacher budget, splurge means buy a seat in the nosebleed section.)
        When I lived in California, I got to see some of my favorite artists live - Vienna Teng, Tori Amos, and Duncan Sheik. I attended those concerts solo, so it doesn't bother me to go on my own to this one as well. I did think about buying my husband a ticket, but since his stock response about just about any band or musician is, "His/her/their songs all sound the same," I decided to be prudent and save my money. ; ) I think the best part of this gift is the anticipation that comes along with it: I've been listening to Mraz's music on YouTube, and contemplating what might make a good concert outfit.
        What's the best or most memorable concert that you've attended? 

Monday, October 20, 2014

fly, butterfly

top, Forever 21
jeans, Macy's
earrings, local crafter

      I received several compliments about this top, but when I got home to take blog photos, I wondered whether it was a good choice to wear this top as is. What felt cute and easy-breezy looked shapeless on camera.  As an experiment, I belted the top and took a few photos.

      I particularly liked the photo above, as it seemed to highlight the waist definition provided by the belt. It's amazing what the right angle can do for an outfit photo!
    It's probably a very trite choice, but I couldn't resist wearing my flower earrings with this top.

         Tropical Storm Ana resulted in a very gray, wet weekend here in the islands. It was a nice change from the hot, humid weather we've been dealing with! I relished hot cups of tea and Jeff Buckley on repeat. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

seeds of change

Cute Options cotton dress, Ross
wood and gem bracelet, local boutique

          While I truly believe that we have great things within us, I've also realized that change is a process. People use the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly as a classic example of change, but it's what happens inside the chrysalis - out of the sight of others - that interests me.
          I'd like to be active at least four times a week, but only got out for a run two times over my break. I'd like to sit for a solid 15 minutes every morning, but usually have an 8-minute session on a workday morning. I'm not settling, or lowering my expectations. I know these are great goals to have that will yield wonderful results. At the same time, however, just maintaining my small good habits is something worth celebrating. A small good habit is like a seed - with proper nurturing, it will slowly unfurl into something vital and strong.
        Is there a small good habit that you'd like to start incorporating into your life?