Monday, September 12, 2016

cows and composition books

Tommy Hilfiger dress, Ross
Haitian Beads earrings

       Friday was Picture Day at school. I have to admit that I totally forgot - I would have worn lipstick (vs. tinted lip balm) and worn my hair down otherwise! I might have also switched out my gigantic earrings for more restrained ones. Just one more dorky school photo to add to my collection, I suppose.
      I will henceforth call this dress my "composition book dress," since one of my students commented that I looked like a composition book. I didn't think about it when I bought it, but I can see how the small floral print resembles the spotted cover of a notebook. Another student chimed in that I also looked like a cow, but I'll overlook that one ... ;) 

     I know you can't tell with the headless photos, but I've been wearing makeup to work for the last three weeks, which I think is the longest amount of time that I've worn makeup consistently. The makeup, admittedly, is minimal - foundation, mascara on curled lashes, and tinted lip balm. I'm happy with this amount for now - after 3 weeks, I can slap this on by rote, but I was thinking that I'd eventually like to branch out a bit. My makeup goals: 
  •  find a good primer. I had an ELF one that made me look smooth and glowy, but also left my skin red. Right now I just use Aveeno moisturizer then apply organic sunscreen. 
  •     find a lipstick that doesn't dry my lips out. I don't mind the color (singular, ha!) I have, but I have trouble wearing it for a full week - after a day or two, I have to switch back to lip balms.
  •      amp up the eye makeup a bit. I'm still confused on how to best apply makeup for my kind of eye, and liquid eyeliner terrifies me. I also need an eyeshadow primer to combat creasing. 

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