Monday, September 5, 2016

August purchases

    So ... new job with dress code means some major shopping happened in August.

Alfani curvy-fit petite trousers, Macy's, $40; Stylus twill crop pants, JcPenney (also purchased in navy, $30 for both); Plus Court tapered crop pants, Old Navy, $15.

swing mesh sweater, Old Navy $8; hi-lo top, Old Navy, purchased with rewards; August Silk shell in hyper blue, Macy's, $15

Clockwise: Moulinette Soeurs silk dress, Savers; $13; Tommy Hilfiger black and white print dress, Ross, $17; Ann Taylor blue silk top, Savers, $3; Willi Smith heather green V-neck tee, TJMaxx, $10; Elie Tahari black and white print silk top, Opportunity Village thrift, $4; BJewel top, Savers, $6

Stylus sleeveless swing dress, JcPenney, $11 on clearance; Clarks Crewso Reading pump in nude, Amazon, $50; Clarks Preslet Stone, Amazon, $50

The haul: 
4 pairs of pants: 2 black, 1 khaki, 1 navy
3 dresses: 1 solid, 2 printed
7 tops: 4 solid, 3 printed
2 pairs of shoes
Total spent: $272

   Admittedly, this was a lot of money to spend in one month, but the majority of the money went toward items I truly needed, such as work pants ($85) and shoes ($100).  

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