Friday, September 16, 2016


shirt, Old Navy
cardigan, Gap Outlet
pants, Macy's

    The other day, I taught a lesson that used lemons to teach scientific observation. After students made their observations, I had them turn the lemon in - the next step was to mix them up and have students find their lemon using their notes. 
    I half-jokingly instructed the kids to bid a "fond farewell" to their lemons as I came around with the plastic bag. I had to smile to myself as every kid held up their lemon in front of their face and told it goodbye. 
   I'm still reveling in working in a temperature-controlled environment - I always keep my black cardigan at work and wear it regularly. It is cooling down just a bit, and I find myself tempted to expand my cardigan collection. The three I own now, however, work well with my wardrobe so I will try to wait a bit. 

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