Tuesday, August 9, 2016

boho blue

top, Forever 21
chambray shorts, Tommy Hilfiger outlet
moonstone earrings, Honolulu boutique

   I wore this to meet up with a friend on Saturday for lunch. I had an extremely cheesy Croque Monsieur sandwich, followed up with some lemon cake. The lemon cake, while generous in size, was a lightweight compared to some of the other offerings - my friend got a cake that basically filled the entire Styrofoam container!

     I bought these earrings a while back, but this is my first time wearing them. A boutique that sold Tibetan/Himalayan items - bags, jewelry, clothing - was having a great sale and I thought the moonstone was gorgeous! I haven't worn them because the clasp is tricky - you need to thread the hook end back into the loop. My ears hurt after wearing them, alas - not sure whether it's because they're a bit heavier than I'm used to, I haven't worn earrings much lately, or I'm sensitive to the metal.  
     Life in Vegas update: I moved to Vegas with the intention of working part-time/substitute teaching, but ended up landing myself a full-time teaching job! I'm alternately terror-stricken and excited. Terror-stricken because I haven't been in a "back to school" mindset at all, and I usually like to start mentally preparing a month before school begins. Excited because there are some really neat opportunities involved with this job and I think it will be a great learning experience.

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