Tuesday, August 23, 2016

black and white and tired all over

  top and pants, Old Navy
 Clarks Preslet Stone sandals
     I'm alive! Just first-week-of-school tired. I actually charged my camera battery for the first time since I moved, but it's sitting in my desk drawer at work (I had vague plans to take photos of the students on the first day). So, please bear with the iPhone photos for the time being.
    I bought some clothes (massive August budget post on its way), but I still feel that my work wardrobe is pretty sparse. I've been trying to hit the thrift stores here and there, and have had some luck - just the other day I found a designer silk blouse for $3.99, snuggled among worn-out T-shirts. 
    I'm quite sure that a part of my much-awaited paycheck will go toward buying a comfortable pair of work shoes. I thought these Clarks would be my go-to. However, the toe box is surprisingly narrow, and I had sore feet by the end of the first day. I'm hoping they become more comfortable with wear. I gave my feet a break today and wore my wide and comfy Keen sandals to work, and no one seemed to notice. 
   I will write more about my job soon, but for now I will say that I am excited and hopeful, and that's a good way to feel at the start of any endeavor.

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