Wednesday, August 3, 2016

another interview outfit

Read: I'm currently working on a Zen book - "Seeds for a Boundless Life" - and a young-adult romance called "The Distance Between Us." The former book fascinates me - it's written by one of the female pioneers in Western Zen. I'm not a person who enjoys marking up her texts (either virtually or with an actual pen - blame my public school education, ha) - but I've found myself reaching for the highlight button in my online reader regularly to underline things that inspire or encourage me.
    I also recently finished Neil Gaiman's "Trigger Warnings" story collection.

Worn: Yes, more interview garb!

Alfani shirtdress, thrifted
belt, Old Navy

     I've come to the realization that I will need to buy some work-appropriate clothing - I could get away with dressing casually in Hawaii, but don't think that's going to fly in my new home.
     On my list of immediate wants: another pair of pants that aren't jeans, a couple of solid-colored shirts that aren't see-through or too low-cut, two pairs of shoes (not sure I can get through a whole day in my cute interview heels), and maybe a skirt or two. I've been eyeing two printed midi skirts (one plaid, one floral) from Old Navy, and hope to take a look at them in store. I know a plain skirt would be so much more versatile, but it's hard to shake my love of prints!
   Joined: The time suck that is Reddit. My favorite subreddits so far are the one for teachers and femalefashionadvice! What I think I enjoy most is the interaction - it's great to comment or ask a question and have people respond. I also enjoy sharing what little wisdom I have on the teachers subreddit.
   Completed: A 21-day free meditation program by Oprah and Deepak Chopra. I have my own meditation practice, but decided to join in to support a friend who is trying to develop her own practice. (It took me at least a decade to get to the point where I was sitting every day, so I empathize with the struggle). I do zazen, so it was interesting to try mantra meditation. 

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