Friday, April 8, 2016

floral fun

Ella Moss Posy blazer, Ross
Calvin Klein staight leg jeans
Harlowe and Graham top, Nordstrom Rack

     Sorry for the headless, itty-bitty iPhone photo ... but I'm trying to keep this little blog alive. So I figure iPhone photos are better than no photos. 
    A cool, windy day meant I got to wear my new blazer! You can't tell from the photo, but it has a fun zipper detail on both sides (see below):

     I'm really liking a looser fit in my clothing, and the longer, slightly boxy fit of this blazer feels just right to me. The floral print and zippers make it decidedly unstuffy. I've been wearing it simply, with solid tops and jeans, but think it would be great with the right dress. 
    The colors are a bit more vivid in person than shown in the photo, but here's a better look at the print: 

   More iPhone photography (Waikiki at sunset):

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