Wednesday, March 16, 2016

spurning proportion

top and pants, Old Navy
necklace, Forever 21

   This is probably not the most proportion-savvy outfit (loose top + loose pants), but I figured the necklace would have a lengthening effect and pull things together.  I haven't worn this necklace much lately, and was actually considering adding it to my donation pile, so it was great to wear it again.

   I borrowed a book on art journaling from the library recently (darn those eye-catching displays librarians make! It's a trap, I tell you). It's gotten me interested in starting an art journal, although my main thought when I look at the beautiful works featured in the book is,"Wow, I don't think my journal would look anything like that."
   However, I like the idea of an art journal as a dedicated place to be creative, record life experiences, and to try out new art techniques. The one thing holding me back is the required purchases. I'll be making a big move in a few months, and I've been trying to whittle down my belongings. I might just stick to my daily zendoodle drawing time and put off the art journaling until I get settled in my new home.

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