Monday, November 9, 2015

new jewels, new habits

Harlowe and Graham top, Nordstrom Rack
Calvin Klein straight leg jeans, Ross
Nepal beaded bracelets, Groopdealz
candy corn earrings, etsy seller IHeartGamers

      I got scared when I hand washed this top -- it appeared to shrink a great deal! Luckily, once it dried, the fibers seemed to loosen up and it returned to its usual drapey self. I've been remiss with posting my monthly budget, but I scored this top in September for $11.
      These bracelets seem to pop up on Groopdealz every other month or so, but before this I always logged on too late - they sell out quickly. Now I know why: they are pretty and go with just about anything. November is a no-shop month for me, but at a later time I wouldn't mind picking up a few more, either for my own collection or to use as little gifts.

     This was one of my outfits for parent-teacher conferences at the end of October. I usually try to dress up a bit more for meetings, but I couldn't resist adding in my new Halloween earrings!

    I'm counting down to my 38th birthday by doing Zentangle-inspired doodling for 38 days (as documented on my Instagram).  I figured, what better way to start a new year of life, than by instilling a new (positive) habit? It's a simple art - all you need is a pen and paper - and I find it immensely relaxing. 

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