Thursday, October 1, 2015

power of the prop

tee, Gap
jeans, Ross
earrings, Haitian Beads
belt, Forever 21

        It's amazing what a piece of cardboard can do for an outfit ... take away my handmade artist's palette, and you get a simple look of a striped tee and jeans. Add in the prop, and you get an artist outfit for Spirit Week's Career Day. The finishing touches were a couple of paintbrushes tucked into my front pocket and Crayola-bright accessories - yellow earrings and a green belt.
     I've already talked about my inability to hang onto things that aren't slung around my neck, so I decided to wear my prop vs. carry it around. It was kind of funny to walk around campus all day and be greeted with cries of "You're an artist!" or "You're a painter!" by students. Campus was teeming that day with pilots, pro athletes, members of the military, doctors and nurses, and microphone-toting singers.

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