Monday, September 28, 2015


tank, Gap
DKNY jeans, Macy's

          Some days, I just look at my closet and sigh ... I've already worn just about every one of my warm-weather dresses to work multiple times, and I'm getting tired of dressing for hot, sticky days.
         Luckily, Spirit Week at school starts today - just the thing I need to cure the sartorial blahs! Today is Wacky Tacky Day, Tuesday is Career Day, Wednesday is Disney Day, Thursday is Pajama Day, and Friday is Look Alike Day.
      We aren't allowed to dress up for Halloween, so Disney Day is the closest I will get to wearing a costume to school. Over the weekend I thrifted the perfect item - a snappy red-and-white vest -- for my outfit; turned a necktie into a bow, and made myself a pair of ears. I have one more prop to make out of cardboard, and then I'll be all set for Wednesday. Can you guess what Disney character I'm dressing up as?
      A little outfit talk: This top is just about perfect - one of the few tops I own that doesn't require a camisole underneath to deal with a gaping neckline and/or giant armholes. Being short-waisted, I often find that most shirts are awkwardly long on me, but this is a flattering length. The only thing that would have made this shirt better would be if it was made out of 100% cotton vs. poly cotton.  

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