Monday, August 3, 2015

too tired to sleep

relaxed-fit tank, Old Navy
Indigo Rein jeans and Angie kimono top, Macy's

     It wasn't until I started to write this up that I realized how similar this outfit is to my latest post. Oops. I suppose this is my spending-the-day-in-A/C summer uniform.
      School started last week, and I was so glad that it was a short week - the kids started Wednesday. I forgot how exhausting the start of school can be! I recuperated by sleeping in a bit on Saturday and fitting in an afternoon nap, too. My goal is to figure out a nighttime schedule that include a little work time, relaxing time, and gets me to bed at a decent hour! I'm pretty sure I have restless legs syndrome, and getting overtired kicks off a vicious cycle - the more tired I get, the harder it is to fall asleep quickly. I want to avoid that, because I don't want to spend every weekend sleeping vs. doing fun things.

     Teachers could get 30% off at Savers this weekend, so I stopped in and did some determined browsing. I wanted to add a cool, lightweight dress or two to my work wardrobe, but didn't have any luck finding something I liked enough to buy. I did find a few shirts that I can wear to work, so it wasn't an entirely unsuccessful trip.

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