Sunday, August 2, 2015

July budget: use your imagination

    I want to apologize in advance for the lack of photos ... this back-to-school business is kicking my butt. I'll adjust - I've already photographed a work outfit, which is a good sign. I'll just think of the lack of pictures as motivation to wear all of my pretty new things soon and take outfit photos!

black aloha-print dress, Savers, $4 (50% off! :) )
A different silhouette, but I like the longer sleeve and print.

black Ann Taylor top, $7.99, Savers
I am not a fan of silk lined with polyester, but I couldn't resist the subtle detailing on the front.

green Ann Taylor top, $7.99, Savers
Again, that dreaded poly lining ... but tonal polka dots on green won me over.
Winter Kate top, $5.99, Savers 
  This is a brand I only recognized because Katie of Alaskan Weredork owns several items from this brand. The inside tag says vintage silk (swoon)! I was delighted to figure out in the dressing room that I can knot the ties in front, then wrap them to the back and tie them again. We'll see how that  holds up during actual wearing.

Deletta top, $5.99, Savers (not shown)
This has an interesting hemline and a chunk of embellishment.

Speechless dress, $12.99, Ross
      Zippers galore, and a pretty coral and navy print.

Anne Klein petite dress, $29.99, Ross
   It's a tradition: I get all dressed up on the first day of school ... and never take pictures. By the time I get home, all I want to do is take off my fancy clothes, wear something comfortable, and have something cold to drink.

Budget: $50
Total: $77
Over: $27
    I don't mind being over this month, because I always like to wear something new on the first day of school. The splurge on the Anne Klein dress was worth it - I felt professional and stylish, which is a pretty good way to feel when I'm meeting the 24 kids I'll be working with this school year.
    Want to see what other bloggers bought in July? Check out Fran's July budget post here.

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