Sunday, August 30, 2015

August budget: embroidery and whimsy

embroidered flutter sleeve top and sleeveless embroidered tee, Gap, $8.93 (used $30 rewards and 35% off code)
   My Rewards were due to expire at the end of September, so I wanted to use them. I prefer to not wait until the last minute, because then I end up buying something just to buy it.  These came in the mail a few days ago. If I keep either, it will be the sleeveless one - as the reviews warned, the top shirt runs big, and I'm not sure if the embroidery makes my shoulders look wide. I'll have to try both on and snap a few photos soon.

Faded Glory skirt, $3, Walmart clearance
   I usually don't browse the women's clothing, but I was in the store to buy a whole-room air circulator. No luck with the fan - thanks to the horrible heat lately, the masses have descended and wiped out everything but the cheapy box fans and $88 tower fans. But, the $3 clearance sign on a rack of these skirts caught my eye on my way to check out. It's just a bit big around the waist, but I'm excited about having an easy skirt to wear to work

I Jeans by Buffalo Bermuda shorts, JcPenney, $13.92
       I bought the denim version last summer and really liked the fit. I think the black version will read as just a bit dressier, which means I'll feel more comfortable wearing these to work on exceptionally hot days. As much as I like these shorts, I didn't want to pay full price, so I've been checking the site regularly for sales and discount codes. The original price is $36, so I think I scored a pretty good deal.

Short-sleeve Peanuts all-over print t-shirt, JcPenney, $9.06
   I don't _need_ a shirt with cartoon characters cavorting all over it, but did I want it? Yes.

Spent: $34.91
Budget: $50
Under: $15.09

      I went over budget doing some back-to-school shopping, so it's wonderful to come in under budget this month!
    Linking up with Fran's Budgeting Bloggers - I'm liking the classic + cool stripes and gingham that Fran picked up this month.

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