Friday, August 28, 2015

mind-bogglingly simple

blue knit dress t-shirt dress brown belt teacher style

Tommy Hilfiger dress, Ross
       This brand is always a bit on the expensive side at Ross - dresses run about $30. But, I've found that the Tommy Hilfiger clothing I own is of good quality, fits well, and not prone to excessive wrinkling. This has the ease of a t-shirt dress but a drapey fit vs. a clingy fit - the latter is what makes me steer clear of t-shrt dresses, usually.
       I was disappointed to notice a grease stain on the front of the dress. I did a little Googling and am going to apply some grease-cutting dish detergent before washing it this weekend. Thankfully, the belt hid the stain.
      I can't believe that it's almost September! I am still getting to know my students, but it's fun to discover what catches their interest. This week I showed them how to play Boggle in their notebook if they finish work early and need something to do. I plan to post a new set of letters each week and recognize the student who creates the greatest number of words. Some of them have been downright obsessed - to the point where I've had to threaten to take away notebooks, because they sneakily try to work on it during math time, reading time, and basically any time when they're supposed to be doing something else.

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