Monday, April 6, 2015

weekend wonderings

Indigo Rein jeans, Macy's
top, H&M
ear cuff, etsy
Born "Jassie" sandals, Ross clearance

   Most of my posts are work outfits, so I thought it'd be fun to post a weekend look for once. I didn't wear the sandals out but I put them on for a few photos, just to see how they'd look with the cuffed jeans. I like the idea of these sandals, but after looking at the photos I wonder whether they make my feet look big.  I like the top and jeans together (see below), but when I add in the sandals, the proportions seem a bit off. I think I'd need a shorter top if I was going to wear the jeans and sandals together. The pressing problems of style bloggers ... an easy weekend outfit triggers all kinds of scrutiny!

    One thing I definitely love about this outfit is the ear cuff. My husband doesn't get the appeal of the itty-bitty chains but I think they are very rockstar librarian.
      Something else I love is my freshly waxed brows. It makes such a difference. 

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