Wednesday, April 8, 2015

happy colors and no way back

blue green dress yellow glass pendant teacher style
Threads 4 Thought dress, Off Fifth
 yellow glass pendant, gift

      I intended to wear this dress with a belt, but changed my mind because I thought it clashed with the pendant. As much as I enjoy the waist definition from a belt, nothing feels breezier than wearing an easy-fitting dress.
     I finished listening to an audiobook of C.S. Lewis' "The Last Battle" the other day, and my first reaction upon turning it off was: "bleh." I can't remember whether I ever read the entire series as a kid -- I'm pretty sure I did, but none of the plot sounded familiar. I did find some of the ideas he raised interesting, but didn't like his handling of certain characters. I'd like to do a little reading on the religious aspects of the Narnia books - I think it might soothe some of my dissatisfactions with the series, or at least cast them in a different light. I also realized that Lewis' world-building skills can't compare with other authors such as Neil Gaiman or Tolkien. Then again, Lewis may not have focused most of his energies on creating a captivating world, but rather on explicating his religious ideas.

yellow glass pendant blue green dress

        It's always interesting to revisit something I read and enjoyed in childhood. I had many fond memories of reading Elizabeth Enright's books as a child, and eagerly borrowed one of them in adulthood. Two pages in, I was stopped short by a racist comment about the Japanese. The book went straight back to the library. On the other hand, one book that has held up wonderfully is Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising." It draws on some great mythology - one of my childhood obsessions - and poignantly captures how a boy grows up when he learns the extraordinary role he must play in the battle against the Dark.


  1. Pretty dress. And you're right: it's nice to feel the freedom of movement. I add belts only 'cause my friends insist I need to for the reason you cite (waist definition) but I prefer to go beltless. And you make a sound point about re-reading books. Even though the words on the page haven't changed, WE have, so our experience of reading often changes. We have greater insight later in life. Things which we didn't notice the first time around 'cause they were outside our understanding can jump out at us later. Smart post.

  2. Belting seemed to be all the rage but now I'm like screw the waist! Comfort is cute.

  3. Thanks, Ally! It's getting pretty warm here so I am breaking out all of my lightweight cotton dresses. I agree with your comment about the changing experience with books - I think sometimes we change so gradually or in ways that are often subtle, but these changes can be made clear to us when we revisit a book that we once enjoyed.

  4. "Comfort is cute" is a great style motto, Megan! I agree ... I've bought quite a few shift-style dresses with the intention to wear them belted, only to find myself wearing them as is.


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