Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Try-it-out Tuesday: kimono with dress

gray fleece dress black floral kimono top red beads Haitian Beads teacher style teacher outfit

dress, Old Navy
kimono, DIY
necklace, Haitian Beads

    So far, I've stuck to styling this kimono top pretty simply, usually knotted in front with a plain tee and jeans. Last week, I decided to see how it would look worn full length and with a dress. I think I might prefer it with a solid black dress, but I did feel pretty in it - I enjoyed feeling the chiffon fluttering around me when I walked. I also got a few compliments from co-workers.

Haitian Beads red beads black floral kimono top gray fleece dress teacher style

      I like this dress, but I've realized that from now on, I will probably avoid dresses constructed with a seam running across my midsection. I find the seam itchy and irritating, not to mention that it makes me feel a little self-conscious about my middle.
      What clothing features are deal-breakers for you? 
    What clothing features are deal-breakers for you?


  1. Puff sleeves. Or tight sleeves in general. I can't do it. D: I hate feeling like my arms are restricted/contricted. I love your kimono. Maybe try picking out the bright colors with an under dress? Orange or pink or yellow.

  2. Megan, I hear ya on the sleeves ... I don't know why some brands make the sleeves so tight? I think I already have broad shoulders for my frame, so anything like a puff sleeve is out for me as well.
    Oooh, I like the idea of a bright color underneath! I think most of my solid dresses are neutrals and my patterned ones tend to be brighter colors, but I just thrifted a green dress that might work well with this kimono.


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