Thursday, April 16, 2015

triumph and citrus

  Splendid top, Nordstrom Rack (old)
Calvin Klein straight-leg jeans, Ross
yellow glass pendant, gift
           I've owned this top for years, but have never worn it much because it just doesn't work with a regular bra. A strapless bra would have worked, but was not a comfortable option -- I try to avoid wearing strapless bras at all costs.
          It was with great excitement that I realized that this bra would layer perfectly under the top. I'm looking forward to wearing this top more often, not that I've finally figured out the undergarment issue.
        Yellow has been one of the colors I've been drawn to the most this year. Like this top, this pendant has been largely neglected, but I've been making up for it lately. I tend to wear accessories in streaks -- which makes purging my closet tricky, because who knows when that pretty thing I never wear will become my go-to accessory?
       I just flipped through the calendar and counted the remaining days of the school year: 35. It seems like too much and too little all at once: too much time before summer vacation, and too little to accomplish everything that needs to be done. 

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