Thursday, April 9, 2015

navy and green and fun all over

navy dress green belt teacher style teacher outfit
dress, Old Navy
belt, Forever 21
earrings, etsy

   Some days, it's the little things ... like a dress in my favorite color, a fun belt, and a pair of bunny earrings (this outfit is from the week before Easter).

     What I think of as the Season of Holiday Earrings is over. It starts with Halloween, rolls through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's Day, then ends with Easter. I find that my seasonal earrings make people smile and add a little fun to a work outfit. I need to find more fun occasions to commemorate with earrings! And by fun, I mean food-related. A little idle Google searching has already turned up National Cookie Day (December 4th) and National Doughnut Day (the first Friday in June).

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