Wednesday, March 25, 2015

the shoe that got away

top, Macys
pants, Banana Republic Factory Store

       Nothing like having to get dressed for an interview to make you realize that you own exactly one pair of interview-appropriate pants. And let's not even talk about my lack of appropriate footwear ...  luckily, I live in a casual place where dress shoes are not a requirement, but I think a decent heel would be nice to have for unavoidable formal occasions.
     I tried on the shoes pictured below (in black) at the Clarks Outlet a few months ago, but didn't get them. I wasn't sure whether they'd be all-day comfortable, so I only bought a pair of sandals that I knew I could wear to work. Now I realize that they would have been a good option for dressier occasions.

We're back from Spring Break! While I agree that the week flew by, it was mightily appreciated, considering that many professions don't include such perks. I slept in, read books, did a little cooking, and baked almost-vegan cupcakes for the first time (it was a vegan recipe, but at the end I decided to clear out the cupboard and toss in a handful of milk chocolate chips). I also devoted a few hours on two separate days to cleaning, purging and organizing my classroom. It's a task that I start off dreading, but at the end I have to admit that it's nice to have reined in the growing piles of paper that seem to sprout on every flat space. The trick will be maintaining it ...


  1. I so envy your Spring Break. That's the type of time off we all need to re-charge. You seem to have learned the life-lesson that everyone needs at least one formal outfit for job interviews, funerals, etc. I discovered that in my thirties.

  2. Ally - I am so thankful for that time off!
    I've shied away from buying one formal outfit primarily because of the cost, but now I realize it's a closet necessity. My DVF wrap dress is my go-to formal dress, but I'd like to have a pair of pants that fit well, a dressy blouse, and a good pair of shoes. I'm lucky that a family friend passed along two small Coach bags in cognac and black - they're my interview bags.

  3. My Spring Break was spent going to a conference (so no break at all). And what a pretty top! Love the special detailing of the stitching at the shoulders :)

    Jen @ Librarian for Life + Style

  4. Jen, I always feel torn about giving up break time for professional development stuff ... it's usually a worthwhile experience, but at the same time I miss my time to sleep in late, do what I like, and read! Hope it was worth the sacrifice!


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