Friday, March 27, 2015


Kensie top, Ross
skinnies and necklace, Forever 21
ear cuff, etsy

           The first day back after Spring Break called for a special outfit. It was essential to wear an outfit that helped me brace myself to jump back into the whirlwind that is teaching elementary school. I considered wearing brights, but wanted to wear this neglected top and pair it with my new necklace. The tassel made me think of a tiny paintbrush, and the shirt's print looks like it has been dabbed on. This outfit might be worn by a hip urban artist - someone who knows the best obscure bookstores and coffeehouses, someone who takes long walks with a camera and stays up late at night, reading or sketching. Ah, the imaginative life of clothes ... in reality, I wore this while telling kids to sit up straight, prodding the class through a main idea and detail lesson, and reviewing multiplicative comparison with hands-on tile work.

         I bought two ear cuffs via etsy (the shop is ForYourEar) and have worn one or the other almost every day since they arrived on Friday. They are so light and comfortable, I forget that I have them on! The prices were reasonable, the items are as described, and the package arrived a day earlier than projected. I'm wearing the Simple Ear Cuff below - sorry for the blurriness, I'm still mastering the art of taking close-up photos of ear adornments. I think my new cuff complements my hard-to-see-but-there cartilage piercing. 

Triple Lines with Double Chain ear cuff is shown below ... I don't think I can pull this off for work at all, but it will be fun for the weekends.

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