Friday, March 6, 2015


butterfly print top yellow cardigan jeans teacher style

top, Forever 21
cardigan, Gap Outlet
trouser jeans, Macy's
glass pendant, gift

      I wore this to a weekend dinner recently and liked it so much I decided to repeat it for work.  This yellow cardigan has been the MVP of the first three months of 2015! It's perfect for adding a little pep to a work outfit.
yellow glass pendant butterfly print top

    A while back, I saw this top on Forever 21's web site, and liked it so much that I went to the store to hunt it down. I can't resist a little fast fashion now and then ... although I abhor that their free shipping never includes my state.


  1. Great cardi, nice top. A pop of bright color livens up every outfit and is still work-appropriate.

  2. Thanks, Ally! Yellow is a happy color and good for those days when I need a little boost.


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