Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ivory and berry

red pink silk shell ivory print scarf black trousers
Talbots top, thrifted
trousers, Banana Republic Factory Store
scarf, Ross

       Am I the only one who feels like a genius when I figure out a new-to-me way to tie a scarf? I've dubbed it the lariat because it reminds me of a lariat-style necklace.
     Gray has been my favorite neutral for a while, but I think this ivory color is becoming a new favorite. 

    I went shopping over the weekend, eager to spend some of my March budget ... and couldn't find any clothing that I liked enough to purchase. I had seen several cute tops on Forever 21's web site, but couldn't find them in store. I did, however, find a layered necklace that I'm excited about adding to my collection. I tried on a variety of things at Ross and Macy's, but no luck there, either. I'll take that as a sign that I should enjoy the abundance of pretty things that I already own.


  1. I watch the cool kids tie their scarves so beautifully on blogs and can't duplicate that. Your presentation here is beautiful and the clothes are superb.

  2. Thanks, Ally! I find chiffon scarves easier to wear because I have a short neck and a less voluminous scarf helps me avoid looking like a turtle ...
    I felt great in this outfit - professional with a little pop of personal style.


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