Friday, March 13, 2015

all ears and animal print

yellow cardigan animal print scarf gray dress teacher style

dress, Old Navy
cardigan, Gap Outlet
D&Y scarf, Ross

     This outfit was inspired by Kate's styling of the same dress at A Journey in Style. I  initially thought about wearing it with my cobalt cardigan, but decided that yellow and an animal-print medley were more fun for the homestretch - Thursday of the week before Spring Break!
     While my students are beyond excited and already dreaming about a week off, to their credit they worked really hard yesterday on their opinion writing. It was a lot of work to guide them to fill out their graphic organizers correctly - I sent many students back to their article many times to reread and locate text evidence. To recognize their hard work, I did dole out a Life Saver candy to each student who finished his or her graphic organizer.
     I usually can't pull off belting over a cardigan; it makes me feel lumpy. But it's not so bad with the scarf. Admittedly, the outfit may have looked better minus leggings, but we've been enjoying a spate of cool, windy weather, and it makes me smile to be able to wear leggings, scarves and sweaters to work!

    I bought these ear pins back in December, but haven't worn them until now. Like the online reviews say, they do need occasional adjusting, but are otherwise comfortable and a nice twist on earrings. I'm still on the hunt for a comfortable ear cuff. I did buy a cute one at Forever 21, but pinches so much that I can only wear it for an hour or two. I've settled for wearing it like a brooch or threaded through the buttonhole on a cardigan.


  1. I love this dress with the yellow cardigan - you really look wonderful in yellow! And the ear cuff is so pretty; I've been look for a pair myself.

  2. I have yet to find a yellow that flatters my skin, so I'm jealous of this cardi! I also love ear pins and cuffs; I was never into bracelets or rings, but I make up for it with my giant earring collection.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  3. What a cute ear-pin. Hope you find a nice (comfy) ear-cuff. Earrings look great on you.

  4. Thanks, Ally! I have to confess that I had no idea they were ear pins when I bought them ... thought they were regular earrings, wondered why the back hooks were so long! Through blog reading and Internet browsing I figured out what they were. Who says the Internet isn't educational?

  5. Don't give up on finding that perfect yellow, Brittney! I know it's out there. I love all jewelry, but I am definitely going through an earring phase right now.

  6. Thank you, Gracey! Yellow is a happy color and goes so well with all the blues in my closet.
    I have spent more time than I care to admit browsing the ear cuffs/pins available on etsy -- there are so many pretty ones in so many different styles.

  7. I agree. I didn't even know what ear-pins and ear-cuffs were until I saw them online.


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