Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Kensie top, Ross
trouser jeans, Macys
necklace, craft fair
earrings, gift

    This is a very simple outfit, but I decided to blog it because it was a triumph in terms of finding a patterned shirt to wear with this pendant. The delicate design of the pendant gets lost against other patterns, but I thought it went well with the irregular stripes and colors of this shirt.
    I bought this pendant at a craft fair, and the woman running the booth said that the design is symbolic of the universe - a geometric shape with a free form shape within. The contrast really appealed to me.
    I usually wear either a necklace or a pair of larger earrings, but not both. However, I rather liked the double dose of sparkle here. 
    Despite being sick last week, I managed to get off island for my aikido seminar. Lots of good practice, and I really enjoyed it! I had a little less pep on Sunday due to a sore back and sore quads from Saturday's classes, but I managed to practice for a full three classes. The best thing about Sunday, though, was coming home at about 10 at night, taking a long shower, then heading out for a steaming bowl of pho with the husband. 


  1. As simple as this outfit is, it's beautiful. The colors are gorgeous and you did find the right background for the pretty pendant. Shoot, score, win!

  2. Thank you, Ally! it's fun to take a piece of jewelry and "work backwards" to create an outfit that showcases it.

  3. Hope you're feeling better this week! You're right-- this top is the perfect balance of interesting but not too loud that the pendant gets lost in it.

    Hope you have a fab weekend! xo


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