Wednesday, February 11, 2015


dress, Old Navy
earrings, craft fair on clearance
belt and scarf, Ross

             White with brown always makes me think of safari gear for some reason, hence the title ...    
              I actually own this dress in duplicate - not on purpose, but because I didn't get back to the store in time to return one. I think I prefer the navy one, but the ivory is a nice change of pace - my first white dress. While I'm accustomed to adding a pop of color to black or navy, it was fun to use white as my canvas.

   I call these my squiggle earrings, and they were a steal at a craft fair last year - a mere $3.

      It's been blustery here, and I don't mind being able to wear a light sweater or cardigan all day in my non-air-conditioned room. What I do mind is that the wind has aggravated my allergies (or perhaps I've picked up a touch of whatever's going around), and I feel like I've been fighting off a case of laryngitis or an allergy cough for the last few days. What's worse, I have a quick trip off-island planned for the weekend, so I'm hoping to stave off my symptoms enough to enjoy my time away. I've been popping Zicam and nasal decongestants, trying to drink more fluid, and I plan to be going to bed earlier for the next few days. Fingers crossed that I stay healthy enough to enjoy my long weekend!


  1. I rarely think of light-colored dresses but, you're right, they are a nice change of pace. And your squiggly earrings are super-cute. Hope your health holds up.

  2. Thanks, Ally! I look forward to styling this dress in different ways. I'm not 100% healthwise, but I did get to enjoy my weekend away!


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