Monday, February 23, 2015

dressy comfy

top, Calvin Klein Outlet
Caslon blazer, Nordstom Rack
Calvin Klein straight leg jeans, Ross
necklace, Forever 21

     I usually try to dress up a little more when I have visitors in the room, but my observation happened to fall on a day when I wasn't feeling 100%. So I went with stretchy pants, a nice top, and a snuggly blazer, then added a necklace for a little polish. I love a good blazer, and this one is like wearing a dressy sweatshirt! Surprisingly, I haven't worn it much, but I plan to wear it a few more times before the weather warms up.

       It was another weekend full of aikido. This involved setting up, practicing, then breaking down everything and putting it away neatly. Fingers crossed that my body isn't too sore today - last night, my knees were already protesting when I went up the stairs!

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