Thursday, December 4, 2014

November budget: when neutrals attack

White Plum vintage floral cardigan, via, $23.98
  Limited-time-deal websites like groopdealz and now can be dangerous to my wallet. I saw this on's Instagram, and liked it so much that I decided to pick it up.

 Old Navy boxy jersey dress, $2.48*

Old Navy sleeveless fleece dress, $2.48*
  I have a wad of $10 rewards, and managed to pick up these two dresses and two stocking stuffers for a grand total of $9.94. In addition, Old Navy was running a 25% off everything no code needed special at the time.

Basghetti Boutique 28-inch real silver chain, $7.49,
    I have several pendants that I don't wear much due to not having a chain to string them on. This was affordable and came in seven different lengths.

Total spent: $36.43
Budget: $50
Remaining: $13.37
    It almost feels like cheating to have used all those Rewards, but I'm excited to add some different silhouettes to my closet!

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