Friday, December 5, 2014

a dose of magic

White Plum cardigan,
Merona tee, Target
Calvin Klein straight-leg jeans, Ross
belt, from dress
earrings, gift

     Online shopping can be tricky. Take this kimono top, for instance. As I mentioned in my November budget roundup, I saw it on's Instagram account and liked it so much that I became a member so I could buy it. The site called it a "cardigan," which made me think that it would be made of some stretchy, cozy material, when it's actually made of rayon. Also, it looks a lot bigger on me than it did on the model, which is why I'm wearing it belted.  However, next time I think I'll just wear it unbelted ... the belt made it a little fussy to wear, and I hate having to adjust my clothes during the workday!

    I did consider returning it, but the thought of having to pack it up, brave the post office lines, and pay return shipping swayed me. Also, I thought it might be fun to style. I'll have take some outfit inspiration  from Katie of Alaskan Weredork  -- she styles kimonos in such a beautiful way (and in frigid Alaskan temperatures, no less).
     Looking at these photos while prepping the blog post, it popped into my head that this outfit reminds me of something an elf would wear ... not a Christmas elf, but an elf more along the lines of Tolkien's elves: lithe, fast, and magical. I don't usually dress to emulate mythical beings, but I rather like the association.

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