Monday, November 3, 2014

sparkle on

CK Jeans pailettes tee and Jolt skinny cargo pants, Macy's
belt, from dress

          As much as I enjoy color, sometimes a good neutral outfit is exactly what I'm craving. A chestful of sparkly pailettes never hurts, either. 
        Today is the first day of parent-teacher conferences, which means I need to step up my outfit game a bit for two weeks. I think I've gotten fairly adept at putting together professional yet practical outfits, but I'll set aside a few of the more whimsical things in my wardrobe (shirts patterned with flamingos and lobsters probably don't convey much authority, ya know?). Meeting with parents always makes me a little nervous, so dressing confidently is a must. I'm looking forward to posting these outfits and keeping my blog a little more active.
        I've been eyeing this boxy jersey dress for weeks on Old Navy's web site, and stopped in yesterday to try it on. If I get this, I'll definitely go up a size so I don't have to worry about it being too clingy in the back. The silhouette is very different from what I usually gravitate to, but intriguing. I didn't get to try it with a belt - most online reviews say belting is essential - but I plan to stop in on Tuesday and try it one more time. I also tried on this sleeveless fleece dress, which I thought fit great and was so cute. I was surprised to see it described as fleece on the web site ... I thought it was a kind of knitty tweed instead. It wasn't particularly fuzzy or heavy, which is a good thing in my eyes - I think styled correctly, it could be worn year-round.
     Are you mulling over any potential purchases right now?

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