Monday, October 27, 2014

the friendly skies and anticipation

Cejon scarf, Ross
Alfani petite shirtdress, Savers

         One of my colleagues mentioned that I looked like a stewardess when I wore this. Hence the post title!
         I picked up this dress on my last trip to Savers. I've been looking for a simply cut, washable, black everyday dress for a while. It's longer than would be deemed conventionally flattering, but I love the length - it feels so ladylike! And, there are pockets. *sigh of happiness*
         I still find prints irresistible, but I am seeing how fun a solid dress can be. I'm looking forward to styling this dress in different ways, whether it's by wearing a bright belt or patterned sash, a necklace, or, if the weather gods smile upon us, with a heavier scarf on a chilly day. 

       Now on to the anticipation part of this post: While my birthday is in December, I bought my present early this year. Jason Mraz will be performing, and since I haven't attended a concert in years, I decided to splurge and buy myself a ticket. (Translation: on a teacher budget, splurge means buy a seat in the nosebleed section.)
        When I lived in California, I got to see some of my favorite artists live - Vienna Teng, Tori Amos, and Duncan Sheik. I attended those concerts solo, so it doesn't bother me to go on my own to this one as well. I did think about buying my husband a ticket, but since his stock response about just about any band or musician is, "His/her/their songs all sound the same," I decided to be prudent and save my money. ; ) I think the best part of this gift is the anticipation that comes along with it: I've been listening to Mraz's music on YouTube, and contemplating what might make a good concert outfit.
        What's the best or most memorable concert that you've attended? 


  1. I love this dress. It looks so good on you. You're right -- it is very ladylike. I didn't know you have Savers -- we have one here and its my favorite thrift-store.
    Live music is great. I go as often as I can. My favorite concert was The Fabulous Thunderbirds who do loud, fast blues music. I saw them at a small nightclub in the Hamptons and the house literally shook from the music. Great time.

  2. Aya in CouturgatoryOctober 30, 2014 at 9:45 AM


    I too have been trying to invest in some plain pieces that I can jazz up with my countless signature/standout items. I realize I can jam only so many unique elements into one outfit, haha.

    Wow, we have compatible music tastes. :D

  3. Thank you, Ally! I'm actually thinking about ironing it this weekend so I can wear it for upcoming parent-teacher conferences - I feel very professional and confident in this dress, which is always a good thing when talking to parents! I love the thrill of bargain-hunting at Goodwill, but I've uncovered many a gem at Savers, too, and usually of very good quality.
    That concert sounds like a whole-body experience! Gearing up for my December concert has me thinking about doing a post on musicians I wish I had gotten to hear live.

  4. Aya, I still get mightily distracted by a good print, but I'm slowly figuring out how indispensable a plain item is! They can really be work-outfit workhorses and a canvas for highlighting personal style. However, I rather like your "wear all the things and add a hat" approach to dressing! It's artful and complex.


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