Sunday, March 30, 2014

march purchases: more bang for the buck

Three sleeveless silk tops: $16, Goodwill
Gap cotton skirt: $5, Goodwill

Total: $23
Budget: $50
Remaining total: $27
        I'm pleased that this month's purchases are both work-appropriate and cool. Working in a non-air-conditioned school has a huge impact on how I dress, and these items will be put to good use  for the remainder of the school year. 
        I thought I spent a lot this month, based on how many items I added to my closet. However, after reviewing my January and February posts, I realized that I ended this month with the most money left over. (Yay for stretching my hard-earned dollars by thrifting!)
        Aya asked a great question last month about how I budget the purchase of essentials, such as undergarments, socks, and exercise gear. I don't have a set monthly budget for such items, but am OK with spending $100 or so throughout a year. This month I replaced some items from this category with a $40.25 purchase at Nordstrom Rack. 

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  1. wow, what a great month! i love goodwill, looking over this month i didn't go once! so unlike me. that skirt is super cute!

  2. Gorgeous colorful pieces. I especially love the oranges in the floral top. Probably because of where I live, but I couldn't imagine working in non airconditioned areas. Yikes!

  3. Thanks, Kristen! I'm always on the hunt for all-cotton items at the thrift store, so I was so pleased to find this! I need to take the waist in just a bit, but I'm tempted to try a temporary fix with a safety pin/belt so I can wear it sooner ... :)

  4. Usually Hawaii has pretty good trade winds that make the heat more bearable, but it can still be really warm at times! I love the colors in the floral top too - but it needs its side seams restitched before I can wear it. Hoping to bust out my sewing machine once my report cards are finished.

  5. been there done that! sometimes it just can't wait, lol

  6. I'm definitely going to have to read your blog more closely! Hawaii is an unfamiliar place to me. I know the west coast pretty well, and my northern friends complain about the weather constantly. I still remember being surprised that many places in the west/north don't have air-con at all!


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