Tuesday, January 21, 2014


BLACK Saks Fifth Avenue top, Off Fifth
same ol' jeans, Ross
Fossil key necklace, Nordstrom Rack
bubble necklace, InPINK

      Life is all about approximation. For instance, take the "it" color for 2014, Radiant Orchid. When I pull up the Pantone page, I see one hue - a dreamy, misty purple. On Ally's post, however, it has more vibrancy and zest. So I'm not sure which one is really the "right" color. Factor in that everyone's computer screen probably shows colors a little bit differently, and you wonder what you're seeing. (And it could be said that life on the Internet is all about approximations, anyhow.) So I'm not sure exactly what color this shirt is -- radiant orchid? mauve? -- but it's a new addition to my wardrobe. And in the interest of simplicity, I'm just tagging it as "purple cowlneck top."
       Teaching is all about approximations, as well. Whether you're teaching a martial art or a 9-year-old how to correctly solve a 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication problem, you teach. You model the process. You get the students engaged in helping you work through the process. Then you let them loose to do some guided practice, and you stand back and wonder. Wonder why that kid who is always doodling in a notebook and fidgeting is drawing individual tally marks when you JUST.WENT.OVER how to draw an area model as an efficient way to solve. Wonder why that extremely bright, creative kid who loves books is happily blasting his way through 45 x 6 when in actuality the problem is 28 x 8 (&*#$???! The numbers are not even close!) After all that wonder, you take a deep breath, try not to sigh too audibly, and reassess. Have that fidgety kid work with you in the back for a few moments and guide him through one problem. Look over your bright kid's shoulder and engage him in a discussion to look back at his work and make corrections.

       I guess being sick with sinus evils and laryngitis makes me philosophical, huh? There have been 8 instructional days since we came back from winter break, and I have had to call in sick for half of them. Thankfully, getting to rest my voice over the long weekend seems to be just what I needed. It's been frustrating to be out so much - it's rough starting the year feeling behind! - but I'm looking forward to resuming work life as normal on Tuesday morning.


  1. Close enough. The exact hue varies depending on both its reproduction and (I've learned) by the colors it is next to. I'm considering the new popular color to be more of a range of purple than a single hue. (Thanks for the mention!)
    Your shirt is really pretty. I like the cowl-neck.
    Sorry you're sick. It was fun to read about your teaching experience. It reminds me of something that happened to me in law school. It was 1980, before the term "gay" was very popular. In my legal research and writing class, we were given an assignment to research whether calling someone a "gay blade" was defamatory. I spent days checking on accusations of homosexuality, only to be informed by the teacher (after all that research) that the phrase is an old one meaning promiscuous (heterosexual) playboy. Oops!

  2. Aya in CouturgatoryJanuary 21, 2014 at 8:05 AM

    Oh, this color is beautiful on you. I've moved away from cowl necks in recent years, but after seeing you and Ally in them, I'm reconsidering.

    With colors, I am always reminded of wandering around as a child driven crazy by the thought that if we all saw colors in a different way, there would be no way to tell because we all use the same language to describe what we see, despite the reality of perception. Is there an objective reality? o noes!

  3. Love the necklace you're wearing :) The layering is really nice :)


  4. I hope you're recovering well - I always seem to get a sinus infection when I get sick, they are the worst!

    I'm digging you in that cowlneck top, I think it fits you well!

  5. I enjoyed your law school story, Ally! It reminds me of my library school experiences - it's easy to get stuck on searching for something one way and only later figure out that you were on the wrong track all along.
    Since you approve, I am hereby dubbing all of my light purple-ish items radiant orchid. ;)

  6. o noes, indeed! How funny that this is something you mulled over as a child. So many people think childhood is carefree and idyllic, and you were pondering reality vs. perception.
    I'm not totally sold on cowlnecks on myself, but I do think they're interesting - the draping can create some really nice lines. :)

  7. Thank you, Kat! I've been wearing those two necklaces together nonstop.

  8. Thanks, Lisa! I'm happy to be fully recovered.


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