Monday, January 27, 2014

cozy chic?

Caslon knit blazer, Nordstrom Rack
Talbots silk top, thrifted
same ol' jeans, Ross
necklace, Forever 21

     Some days, you just need a blanket masquerading as a respectable gray blazer. This blazer has been sitting in my closet for a while - not sure why - but extremely blustery weather meant it was just what I needed. I felt cozy yet still pulled together.
    This was also my first time wearing this shirt. Talbots is a brand I haven't tried before, but I like the easy fit and rich color of this top. It's lined and the silk has a lovely sheen to it. It also has an interesting hem.

      Is it too early to think/talk about Valentine's Day? These adorable earrings are on their way to me, and I'm planning to make my students valentines that look something like this. I'll probably add a pencil as well, since my students seem to eat them -- whenever I put out a few extra pencils, they promptly disappear, never to be seen again! For my grade level colleagues, I found fun mini stamps that can be used for signing off on the kids' planners at the end of the day. I couldn't believe that I found the stamps for $1 each at a mall sidewalk sale.  It amuses me that I'm going with non-food valentines this year, since in my own diet, chocolate is its own food group and a regular indulgence.


  1. Chocolate…is for every day…not just Valentines!

    I love those earrings you're getting.

    The grey cherry and silver all go so well together.


  2. I freaking adore that blazer. It looks like something I want to wear to get ready for spring but Sweden is like....colder than a frozen hell, lol. And it's not EVER too early to think about valentine's day!!

  3. Ah, you are a woman after my own heart, Suzanne! Chocolate is best enjoyed everyday. ;) I've never really liked gray before, but I've found that lately I'm drawn toward wearing it.


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