Thursday, January 16, 2014

upgrading: long navy cardigan

     I picked up this rayon cardigan at Forever 21 a few years back, thinking it would pair perfectly with the chain and chiffon trim tank featured in this outfit. (Funny thing is, I don't think I've ever worn the two pieces together!) However, as you can see from the collage, I've managed to pair this cardigan with just about everything else in my closet, from various shades of blue to brights like orange.
   For about $15, the cardigan has served its purpose. However, it's starting to pill and show its age, so I picked up this Bobeau cardigan during my personal triple points day at Nordstrom Rack. I was planning to upgrade to a cotton vs. rayon cardigan, but the cotton cardigan they had seemed poorer quality. All I have is an iPhone photo, but I did like the mix of colors in my new cardigan's inaugural outfit:
 dress, Old Navy
Bobeau cardigan, Nordstrom Rack
belt, from a different dress
enamel necklace, eBay
       One thing I did realize is that while my old cardigan had very fitted sleeves, this one's sleeves are a lot looser. I tend to wear my sleeves scrunched up most of the time, and throughout the day I found myself absentmindedly pushing my sleeves up my arms ... only to have them slide right back down. I also miss the pockets on my old cardi - it's not that I used them to hold things, they were just cute. Otherwise, my upgrade cardigan is very comfortable, and I'm looking forward to wearing it often before it turns blazing hot again.
      What's the last item in your wardrobe that you've upgraded? And how did you decide it was worthy of upgrading?


  1. great outfit! love that necklace!

  2. I alway miss pockets if I don't have them. Like you I don't often keep anything in them, but they are still nice to have.

    I love the necklace and the blue green colour combo.

    I haven't really upgraded anything lately. I often buy something because it is "almost" what I wanted and then later when I find something that is closer to what I wanted I will buy it too. I'm now trying to convince myself to wait until I find the "perfect" item before I buy again.


  3. well i certainly hope you feel better!

  4. I love Bobeau! They make plus-size cardigans too, and they are the best. I'm going to upgrade my pants, but I'm all bleeeeaaaah about it, since it will take actual time. :(

  5. ElleSees.blogspot.comJanuary 20, 2014 at 12:45 PM

    love it! almost bought one this weekend and this is a sign i shoudl've!

  6. Thanks for dropping by, Elle! I like the drapey fit and I got some compliments when I wore it, too - my colleagues thought it was cute.

  7. Erin - this is my first Bobeau item, so it's nice to hear that you've had good experiences with their stuff! I hear ya on the pants upgrade - it's definitely a process!

  8. Thanks for dropping in, Suzanne! I agree - it's always a struggle to decide whether to hold out for that elusive perfect item or to buy what's available and "good enough." Delayed gratification pays off, though! When I wanted to get a chambray shirt, I almost bought a long-sleeved one, because they were plentiful. However, by waiting, I ended up thrifting a short-sleeved one that I can wear all the time in my warm climate. I saved money and found something that suited my needs better. I'd like to apply that kind of discipline to more of my purchases!

  9. i bought a loose sleeved cardigan and quickly learned i couldn't wear it to work because it was always tapping against my keyboard!! yours is so cute and versatile!


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