Wednesday, November 13, 2013

polished boho

top, Forever 21
skirt, Calvin Klein outlet

       I never thought about pairing this shirt with my trusty pencil skirt, but I like the combination. I think that the black skirt really makes the white embroidery pop. This outfit was chosen after a great deal of thought - I wore it for my math lesson observation. It's always nerve-wracking to have someone observe and rate you! The only thing I didn't think about is that it's kind of hard to squat and talk to groups working on the floor when you're wearing a pencil skirt. 
       Yesterday I kicked off a "12 Days of Thankfulness" activity for my classroom. One thing I'm thankful for? That the other teachers on my grade level also embraced the idea and are implementing it in their classrooms. We'll be making a gratitude chain, journaling, and writing thank you notes to important people in our lives.
       One more thing I'm thankful for ... that fourth-graders aren't too cool or too old to be totally enthralled by scratch n' sniff stickers. ;) Students who scored 100% on a recent math test got a sticker, and it was gratifying to see that they enjoyed that small reward.  
       What are you thankful for today?


  1. oooh, i used to love those stickers! and i hope that your observation went well other than the sitting in a skirt problem!

    dash dot dotty

  2. You're right -- the black does make the white pop. Interesting choice. Fourth graders are great -- smart enough to talk to but not so old as to become jaded.

  3. Great combo:) I'm thankful for upcoming holidays :) and warmer weather :)

  4. Thanks, Kat! Those are always great things to appreciate. :)

  5. Yes, Ally - that's exactly what I love about this grade level. You can have a conversation without attitude. :)

  6. Thank you, dotty! :) The observation went well.


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