Wednesday, September 11, 2013

moved by mint

      Banana Republic silk shirt, thrifted
necklaces, Groopdealz

      Has this ever happened to you? I've always been drawn to certain colors, but others don't usually merit a second glance. Then, that color starts catching my eye, and I end up acquiring several items in that hue very quickly. (I have to admit that this happened with polka dots this year!) First I thrifted this shirt, then I ended up buying this necklace. Yes, I know mint took the blogosphere by storm probably a year ago. That's just how I roll - my procrastination extends to style trends, it seems.
     When I got home on Tuesday, I ripped the package open and immediately put the necklace on. I wouldn't wear it with this shirt - they blend together too much - but I just had to try it on right away.
     This is probably the biggest, shiniest necklace I've ever owned. I kind of love it.
      It was a downright steamy day yesterday. Since starting work, I've realized that I own an abundance of tops. But my closet is lacking in bottoms that are appropriate for hot weather.  This weekend I plan to begin the hunt for a pair of work-appropriate (i.e., knee-length) shorts. I've hunted for them in the past, but all the ones I've tried on seem to emphasize my hips or the legs fit strangely - either too tight or too loose. 

     What's a color that you're crazy about lately? :)


  1. Um, not mint. Not ever mint. I do have to admit that that necklace is pretty awesome but I'm still totes anti-mint. Weird, I know.

    For me, probably gray. Also weird but I can't stop with the gray.

  2. World-conquering thighs, man. Makes clothing shopping for bottoms more difficult. Gracey knows what I'm talking about.

  3. To each her own, Gracey! ;) Gray is one of those colors that I always admire on others (particularly Dotty) but I've never quite gotten into. I hope to discover its wonders sometime soon! It can be such a great soft neutral.

  4. I hear ya! What makes the whole enterprise even harder is that sizes and fits vary so greatly ...


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