Friday, September 6, 2013

contain your excitement

Glamorous blogger photo: ur doing it wrong  
       Proof that I'm still smiling. ;) And this is my tired-day outfit - a comfy old tee, the same ol' jeans, and a sparkly necklace.
      A little news about Room 25 (my fourth-grade kiddos):
  •       After vigorous campaigning, tears, speeches, tons of posters, and some drama, Room 25 chose its two student representatives for Student Council. I was bemused yet tolerant of the hoopla.
  •       I created a math practice sheet that let the kids use dice, and they thought it was immense fun. In reality, they were practicing place value and rounding.
  •  While I've started cooking dinner, I've kind of slipped on packing home lunches. That meant I had "ocean treasure nuggets" (a.k.a. fish nuggets) for lunch from the school cafeteria the other day.
  • I need some cute colorful clipboards, and as if on cue Linda of Little Tin Soldier posted this adorable and easy way to spruce up a clipboard. I might hit the craft supply store and pick up the materials to make some this weekend ... after all, that enormous and ever-growing stack of papers that need grading is going to grade itself, right? (Still waiting for the Grading Fairy and Organizing Fairy to stop by ...)
Happy Friday!

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