Thursday, September 12, 2013

swayed by solids

BeBop dress, Ross
necklace, GroopDealz

        This is the latest addition to my (small) collection of cotton dresses appropriate for work. The solid color and simple cut has me excited about accessorizing creatively -- I think it will be fun to switch up the belts and jewelry. I chose a neutral belt this time to keep the focus on my new necklace. I'm still excessively drawn to patterns, but I am starting to see the practicality of solids.
       The only problem with this dress is that it has no pockets - and I'm the kind of person who has to keep my classroom keys on my person. I almost locked myself out of this room this morning when I dashed out of the room and realized the door had locked behind me. (Luckily, the other door was unlocked.) We have a week-long break coming up in October, so if I get the sewing bug I'll open up the side seams and add pockets.


  1. I love the contrast of the statement necklace and your chambray dress. I like to imagine that you spent a whole day in heels and you were just like "screw these shoes" before you took the photo :P


  2. Brittney - I love heels - on other people. ;) I have cranky old-lady-ish feet, so I usually wear comfortable but not super-stylish shoes to work since I stand up all day.


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