Monday, June 24, 2013

happy Monday {the Instagram edition}

3 things that are making me happy lately ...

1. I SEWED MY FIRST ZIPPER! :) My mom taught me how to sew, and she's always said sewing zippers is difficult, so I always chose projects that didn't call for a zipper. I used this tutorial, followed the steps carefully, and was amazed at how smoothly it went. After finishing my project and showing it off to my very impressed family, the next step was to order a bunch of zippers on etsy. I see a whole new world of sewing projects opening up ...

 Just a few of my newfound treasures ... 
2. I came in a dollar or two under the budget allotted for my trip to the library's annual mega sale on Saturday. I found some great items for my classroom library and was excited to score some education books I had been considering purchasing online. Spending $1 or $2 apiece on items that would have cost me much more online made me really happy.

3.  I wore my new striped dress (Forever 21) and leopard print belt (thrifted) together on Saturday night. This pattern combination makes me smile.
What's making you happy? Leave me a comment. :)


  1. Love your pouch! Its super duper cute

  2. The striped dress and leopard belt is super cute! That belt was a great thrifted find!

  3. Thank you, April! I was thrilled to find the belt at Goodwill. :)

  4. Thank you, Nuke! I got the fabric at Wal-Mart - they often have some cute prints for reasonable prices. :)

  5. I love the print of this pouch!! Soo cute!! Reminds me of le sportsac designs :)

  6. Kat - it is definitely a Tokidoki-inspired pattern. :)


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