Monday, June 24, 2013

inspiration Monday: coral and light blue

The inspiration: Alessandra Ambrosio

My take:

Old Navy top, thrifted
Ann Taylor petite skirt, rescued from mom's donation pile
necklace, Forever 21
brooches, gifted and eBay

        Gracey of Fashion for Giants remembered that I was looking for a bee brooch and sent this one to me! It's perfect, and for its inaugural wearing I decided to add it to one of my favorite necklaces. 
       Coral and light blue is a great combination, so I decided to go for it. I usually try to stick to pattern mixing in the same color family, but I think this came out pretty well.   
       I'm linking up to two birds' inspiration Monday! Go here to see the other creative interpretations. :)



  1. great pattern mixing and i love the orange
    i am going crazy for orange lately

  2. Love it! The pattern of your top is just lovely, and I adore that earring, very unique indeed

  3. Thank you, Joanne. :) I used to think coral was a hard color to wear, but I do like it with the light blue.

  4. Thank you, Nuke! I have a small collection of brooches, and I'm trying to figure out ways to wear them besides just pinning them to a shirt or sweater.

  5. Ooh, an unexpected and very cool interpretation! And how sweet of Gracey to send you the bee brooch! <3

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

  6. How does Alessandra look so cute in every. single. picture. And the little girl too! I think you did a great spin on the coral/blue combo. If you had nude shoes to top it off, it would've been a perfect imitation!


  7. Thanks, Jen! This is a little out of my pattern mixing comfort zone but I actually like it. And the bee brooch is perfect with the floral top! :)

  8. Yes, I love the little girl's dress! I almost decided to use her outfit as the inspiration, but I wanted to wear my coral top again. :) I agree - a nude shoe would have been the finishing touch. I'm still on the hunt for the right shade and style.


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