Wednesday, April 10, 2013

whatever the weather

Alfani dress, Macy's
cardigan, Gap

      The other morning, I asked my mom about the predicted weather for the day. Her answer went something like this: It won't be blazing hot, but it won't be cold enough to wear a sweater. In other words, she didn't know. ;)
       So as to be prepared for all weather conditions, I went with a shirtdress and cardigan. I like the look of belting a dress over a cardigan, so I tried it out, but as always, it made me look squat and stumpy. (Maybe it works better with a wider belt? Or maybe short-waisted people just can't pull it off?)
       I particularly like how this cardigan doesn't really match any of the dress print's colors, but it accentuates the chartreuse and plays nicely with the blues.


  1. I think the colors of this dress look fabulous on you and the belting is great. What shortens your legs is the length of the dress; if you (or someone else) just took it off right where the hem is, I think it would show off your great legs!

  2. I love how the color of your gorgeous sweater brings out the yellow in your dress. So pretty!

  3. Thanks for dropping by, Rebecca! :) I've been surprised at how versatile this yellow sweater is. :)

  4. Good point, Erin! That little tweak could work wonders, and it should be fairly simple to do myself. :)


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