Friday, April 12, 2013

crinkled coral: preparing for warm weather

Old Navy cotton top, Goodwill, $4.99
DKNY Soho jeans and blue topaz ring, Macy's
Fossil key necklace, Nordstrom Rack clearance

       I usually try to focus on higher-quality items and steer clear of brands like Old Navy and Forever 21 when shopping at Goodwill, but this seemed like the perfect top for warm weather.  A bonus is that it's crinkle cotton - any fabric that doesn't need ironing is a winner to me. It's got a drawstring at the bottom (which I've tucked in), but this top is long enough to tuck into my denim pencil skirt, which will make it more versatile. Although now I'm seeing how well it might pair with a khaki, white or even light blue skirt. Too bad I don't own any skirts in these colors!

     I think I've gotten over my fear of dirtying these white pants. The day I wore this to work, I ended up sitting on the floor in two classrooms and I didn't sweat it. 
         Happy weekend, all! My big plans for the weekend are to get started on the wedding thank-you cards, do some furniture hunting, and work on my final project. The latter is particularly important because just about all I've done this week is download articles that I haven't read yet, watch some YouTube videos (my project focuses on YouTube, so that counted as work!) and think about what I need to be doing, but not do it. Erin, if you have any time management tips to share, pass 'em along, would you? ;)


  1. Make a physical, prioritized list so you can get the most important things done and then cross them off. NOTHING is as satisfactory as crossing things off a list, except for chocolate.

  2. Coral and white is a great summer color combo---can't go wrong with adding turquoise to the mix either. I love combing through Goodwill for Banana Republic sweaters that are still in great condition.

  3. Brittney - next time I'll have to add a pop of turquoise! :)

    Shopping at Goodwill takes time and effort, but it does pay off when you find something in fantastic condition!

  4. Bah ... this is so ... practical. Sigh. I hope you had tips on how to get a squad of elves to do all my work for me. I do like a good list, however, and will add "reward myself with a little chocolate" at the end of the list after all of my tasks are fulfilled! ;)


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