Monday, April 8, 2013

luck of the (non)Irish

top, Forever 21 
Banana Republic cardigan, hand-me-down from Mom
DKNY Soho jeans, Macy's
pearl earrings from Philippines, gift

     As my blog photos attest, 99% of the time I wear blue jeans. But on a not-so-recent Thursday, I decided to mix it up and wear my white jeans. And wouldn't you know that for my last stop of the workday - a kindergarten classroom - I was asked to help the kids create lucky four-leaf clovers for St. Patrick's Day using their handprints and a lot of green tempera paint? After the first few kids randomly plopped their hand down on the paper, I figured out that I needed to guide them by holding their wrist and turning the paper so their handprints would create the clover shape. And then I had to supervise the hand-washing, as it seems kindergartners think it's fine to turn the faucet on full blast, while scrubbing their hands off to the side and admiring the green soap bubbles.
        Miraculously, I think I managed to keep my jeans paint-free, although my cardigan didn't do so well.

    I think that one day I'll try wearing the top backwards, as I like the geometric print on the back. I'll just need to use a seam ripper to remove the label first.

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