Friday, April 5, 2013

the new normal

embellished linen tunic, hand-me-down from Mom
D&Y animal-print scarf and Beau skinnies, Ross 

         We had a spate of windy, rainy and cool weather last week, which meant this scarf was in heavy rotation. I really like this scarf with a slim-fitting bottom, and the contrast with the tunic's embellishment is fun but not over the top. 
          I feel like I've been out of the blogging loop for a while, what with school and wedding stuff eating up much of my time in March. Now I'm making the (lovely) adjustment to living with the husband full-time, which means we spent the day after our wedding shopping for some necessary furnishings, like a desk for my laptop, a chair to go with the desk, and some shelving.
          I think people are a little puzzled (or taken aback) by the fact that I am not changing my name. (They are too polite to say so, but they've made previous snarky comments in the past about women who don't change their names, so I figure the snark applies to me, too.) Just about everyone I know has taken their husband's name. There are a variety of ways to go about this. Some people drop their original middle name and make their maiden name their new middle name. But I like my middle name, so that was not an option. Some people simply take on a second last name, with or without the hyphen, but either way, there's a lot of paperwork involved. Not to mention that a two-part first name, a middle name, and a two-part last name is a lot of moniker for someone who's just a little taller than 5 feet. ; )
             I do like the husband's last name - it's unique and people like the way it sounds. I figure that if later on I'd really like to add his name, I'll pay the fee to do so, but for now, I'm happy to keep my name. :) 


  1. I still get flack too for going by my maiden name professionally and my married name socially. I think it is fantastic though because I always know who is speaking to me at work! (maiden name = stranger/student; married name = friend)

    I considered hyphenated or doubling up, but then it would sound like a funny/dirty/gross name. On Facebook, I do have both names listed. I keep saying that if we have kids, I will probably change my name for the sake of less confusion. My husband always calls me by my first name + maiden name though, and he says since i've gone by that name all of my life, he doesn't think I can change it. BUT I can do whatever I want (he tells me). We even considered doing an alternative last name with the letters in our last names, but the best one we came up with was Barpy! *lol* One of my friends got married last year, and she and her husband both took a NEW name they liked. (His last name was a mouthful, and they felt like they needed a name that signified this journey they were making together.) I thought that was brilliant! We may do that for our fifth anniversary!

    You do whatever you want and tell those other folks to get over it! Or go by as many aliases as you want. :) You can sign up for more freebies that way. *haha*

  2. Thanks, Elle! :) It's one of my favorites.

  3. Ashley - thanks for sharing! Didn't think about the more-freebies benefit ... :)
    Haha - the results of our blended name are also laughable. I understand why you passed on becoming a Barpy ... ;)


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