Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Try-it-out Tuesday: prodigal jackets

jacket, Banana Republic Factory Store
stripedshirt.com tee, won in giveaway
scarf and jeans, Ross
           The hubby and I have been making good progress in getting me settled into our humble abode, including purchasing a leather office chair from Office Depot for less than $50 (score!) and doing some cleaning and rearranging. This little knit jacket emerged during the latter task - it had fallen behind a chest of drawers. I had forgotten I owned a short-sleeve jacket. I was quite pleased at its reappearance, as it will make a nice topper for days when it's too warm for long sleeves. One thing that surprised me is how tight the sleeves are. I really don't remember them being so snug. I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised, however, since that's a common fit problem for me ... a shirt will fit great everywhere else but be dangerously tight around my arms. I wish designers would take into account that the average woman doesn't have stick-person arms ...

            Stripes are one of my favorite patterns, but I've always been a little bit baffled by how to style this particular top. It just doesn't seem to match any of my necklaces - it seems like it would go well with a bold necklace like a bubble necklace. I'm pleased that it pairs well with this scarf, which doesn't get worn enough.
      I tried wearing the scarf untied to see whether it made me look long and lean, but no luck ... so I kept it as a loop.

      P.S. - I'm linking up with two birds' Inspiration Monday, because how can I sit out a stripey inspiration? See the other ladies' fun looks here

The inspiration: Selma Blair

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