Tuesday, March 5, 2013

lend me your eyes: pick a fabric for my sash! :)

      These are my wedding colors, and I plan to make a simple fabric sash to wrap around the bouquet. I'm hoping it will turn out something like this. (I keep thinking that this whole "I'm going to DIY my bouquet!" business could turn out beautifully, or like a hot mess.) But in the event of the latter, I'll just leave the sash off. :)

       I've decided that it might be fun to do some pattern mixing and make the back of the sash a different pattern. For reference - the white flower is 7 inches.

      Here are some options that pull out colors from the sash:

I like that it's a tatami pattern, and the print is small enough that it would make a nice contrast.

     Recently I've developed an absurd fondness for elephants, and I think this would be a great whimsical option. For reference, the elephants are three-quarters of an inch in diameter.

Another small scale print - I like how it plays up the turquoise and is geometric to balance out the floral.

Henna multi: A crazily huge option: web site says outer circle of medallion is 15.5 inches in diameter. I really like these colors, but I think the print might be just too much.

Last but not least, another large print. There's no red in the main fabric, but I thought the reds would play well with the blues.


Which fabric do you like best for the back of the sash?


  1. I think the turquoise geometric go best with your sash pattern. Although the aqua elephants might be the cutest. Also, this is such a fantastic idea!

  2. The voting isn't activated. I could get it to respond. I like the Turquoise geo print.

  3. All right, I'm bais, but I really love the blue and white elaphant print. It's adoreable and elaphants are always awesome. (I do like the other small blue print, I think it would play really nicely with the first pattern and it being a smaller scale might make it work as more of a soild color.)

  4. hi Carrie! Thank you for following me/simple sequins. We are gonna have fun! Yes, I still love these prints you posted.

  5. I think I like the henna one :)


  6. I like the Tatami. :) The elephant and geometric print are close seconds.


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